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FG Summer Speakers Series - Spies in the Adriatic by Nigel West

Spies in the Adriatic

by Nigel West

FG Summer Speakers Series - Spies in the Adriatic by Nigel West

Two spies in particular had a profound impact on the Second World War in the Adriatic and the eastern Mediterranean. The first, Dusan Popov, from Dubrovnik, was a Heidelberg–educated lawyer who became a double agent codenamed TRICYCLE. The second was an Italian Jew from Genoa, Renato Levi, codenamed CHEESE.

Popov, and his brother Ivo (codenamed DREADNOUGHT) persuaded the German intelligence service that they were loyal to the Reich, yet in reality they were operating for the Allies. Similarly, Levi was a reluctant spy for the Nazis, but played a key role, as described in Double Cross in Cairo, in misleading Berlin about British plans to invade the Balkans. His MI5 case officer enjoyed a highly developed sense of humour and invented an entirely notional assistant for CHRRSR, who he identified as Paul Nicosoff (“pull knickers off!”), supposedly a Russian of Syrian extraction.

The adventures of these spies are a mixture of high drama and low entertainment, and defy any fiction.

About Nigel West

Born in London, Nigel West was educated at the Universities of London and Grenoble University. He has lectured at both the KGB headquarters in Dzerzhinsky Square and at the CIA campus in Langley, worked for fourteen years at the Counter-Intelligence Centre in Washington, DC. He was voted 'The Experts' Expert' by a panel of other spy writers in the Observer in November 1989, and in 2003 was awarded the US Association of Former Intelligence Officers’ first Lifetime Literature Achievement Award.

About the Summer Speaker Series

This summer we invite thought leaders and storytellers to share insights and a bit of learning. The keynote speaker can select a classic movie to follow the talk, and all of a sudden we got a special night under the stars. 

Entrance is free.
Happy Hour - jeftino pivo u edukativne svrhe
Event starts at 930pm until midnight

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