Fort George is a product of 200 years of naval squabbling in the Adriatic. After an extensive time of restoration we're now a multifunctional event space and burgeoning bastion of quality music, art, celebration and cuisine.

After the Royal Navy’s victory at the Battle of Vis (1811) the British built a series of fortifications on the island, the largest and most important being named after the British King, King George III. The British garrisoned Fort George with an international force of free-Italians, sharp-shooting Corsicans and Swiss Guards once loyal to the French King, not forgetting the red coated 35 Regiment of Foot who arrived after a long and bitter campaign in north America.

Two hundred years on and we are proud to announce that Fort George is part of Day 8 Experiences. Restoration and conservation work at the fort, aimed at preserving and showcasing the various architectural phases of the fort, is a meticulous and exciting process and we look forward to showing you the progress on your visit to Fort George Croatia.